Researching & Designing Products for Cross Training – EP01- Wrist Wraps

Last year I was asked if I would consider giving input into a range of fitness products. At the time my job prevented my involvement and I turned down the opportunity (so sad). In January I was given a promotion awesome stuff because this means more money and responsibility, I like both of these!

A week later my boss gave me a new contract to sign but I quickly remembered the clause preventing me from external product involvement. It took a little bit of persuasion but with my new contract I am free to work on my own projects.

I contacted the company who offered me the opportunity to work with them and as it happens they had just started a new project. After reading the brief I felt the product did have potential but it solves a problem I have personally never suffered from and that’s wrist pain.

For me to understand the problem and help create a useful product I would need to conduct my own research. I started at my box asking everyone in attendance who has had wrist pain issues and to my surprise around a third put their hands up. I manged to get everyone to fill in a questionnaire and a quick chat to learn more.

The information made me quickly realize how big of an issue this is and it’s not just CrossFit athletes who suffer. I continued my research at the gym, work, yoga class and my friends/family. By the end of the week I had 64 questionnaires filled in by people who claim to have suffered from some form of wrist pain when exercising.

During my research faze I had also spoken with a lot of people regarding the issue and I felt I had a very good understanding of the problem. I compiled my results and arranged a meeting with the KASP team to present my findings.

What I like about questionnaires is the ability to compile the info and see frequent patterns. Below are some photos of the wrist support gloves and I have included a breakdown of information based on my findings.

KASP gloves

The wraps can be adjusted depending on your own needs. Some people like a tight fit and others just want to feel it’s support.
The entire product is made from elastic and cotton, this enables a one fit solution for small and big hands.
It’s sweat resistant as the cotton absorbs water but it can be washed easily.
Thumb wrap, it’s not just a wrist wrap it also wraps around the thumb keeping the wrap in place.
wrist wrap glove

The wrap enables finger free movement but you can also put lifting gloves over the top if required. this also applies to gloves for other sports i.e soccer and cycling for example.
The wrap/glove is extremely flexible unlike similar products on the market. People love the support but don’t want to be restricted. This was mainly an issue for leather material products.
The number one finding during the questionnaire was people wanted the wrist wrap to be multi functional and from the feedback we have had so far I think we have ticked a lot of boxes.

The gloves are now for sale on Amazon check out the link above, We are already in the process of developing the next product and can wait to write about it later this month.


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