buying shoes for CrossFit

Buying Fitness Shoes on a Budget

A number of my friends and family enjoy working out and keeping fit. I often get asked for advice when it comes to buying cheap workout shoes. Here is my advice for buying fitness shoes on a budget.

Weightlifting Shoes and New Models

My son and his friends weight train and I always try to help them find good quality, but cheap, lifting shoes. Last month I noticed a pair of New Balance MX20v3 on sale. The original price was $165, reduced down to $59.95. This is a huge savings of over $100, but why?

Two months ago New Balance released the MX20v4 and I presume at some point it will stop manufacturing the V3, simply because most people now want to own the new V4. Now that the V4 is available, retailers now need to sell off the V3, hence the reduced price.

The good news for anyone on a budget is you can now own a pair of MX20V3’s for a third of the price and remember — these are still brand-new shoes, they are just an older model.

Cross Training Shoes and Brands Competing

In the shoe industry the big brands are very competitive. In fact, if you monitor a range of sports you will notice some brands completely dominate particular events, occasions and even the entire sport itself.

A good example of this is CrossFit. The CrossFit Games and products are dominated by the brand Reebok. Reebok sponsors the Games and a lot of the top athletes. As a result, Reebok is easily the biggest-selling brand associated with the entire sport.

Reebok’s biggest money-making product is the Reebok CrossFit Nano shoe, now in its fourth edition. Last month Nike decided to enter the CrossFit shoe market with its own shoe, called the Nike Metcon 1. Are the Metcons now the best Crossfit shoes on the market? let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

More competition means better deals for the consumer. Nike’s shoe is priced at $120 — that’s $40 cheaper than Reebok’s Nano. Reebok fired back two weeks later with a combination sale for customers to buy a pair of Nanos and Lifters for a total price of $175, including delivery.

This is only the first month the two companies have been battling for market share. Reebok is due to release the Nano 5 in the summertime. I can imagine a price war in the not too distant future.

Long Distance Running Shoes and Buying Online

A good friend of mine loves to run marathons and is often competing in cross-country events. It’s important that she can try on the shoes before buying. Her biggest complaint is she isn’t able to “try before you buy” when it comes to online shopping.

I thought about this problem and devised a solution that anyone can copy. All online retailers offer a 14-day return — some even longer. So with this in mind all you need to do is order five or six pairs of shoes (preferably from the same store), try them all on and send back the ones you don’t want.

To make this process quicker you can also opt for speed delivery (sometimes free with Amazon Prime) and have the entire process completed in three days, flat.


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